Category Branding, Digital Art
Theme Wellbeing
↘︎ Client Lush Shinjuku
Created in 2019



→ Lush recently launched a whole new SPA experience in Shinjuku (Tokyo), in order to let people enjoy sensorial treatments with lights, colors and music with the idea and sense of Synesthesia.
Back in August 2019, Lush opened the massive four-storey flagship store, unveiling three floors filled with exclusive products, interactive experiences, dynamic design and innovative technology. The Lush Spa on the fourth floor continues the experiential push with three treatment rooms, four experience areas and a selection of twelve spa treatments.

Like other Lush Spas located across the world, the space is designed to provide mood-changing treatments through various sensory inputs. Fourth floor visitors are posed the question "How would you like to feel today?" before being taken on a journey through alignment in wellbeing, with digital projections and visual ASMR offering an emotional step-down into relaxation.


According to this new amazing journey, I've had the pleasure to design visual identity for each of the twelve treatments alongside abstract imageries.